Secure your competitiveness with lean production. Successful top performers leverage an important strategic competitive advantage from lean production. With it, you benefit from transparent, efficient production and employees who apply the lean philosophy to all processes.

    This is how it works:  skeratschoppe teams up with you to jointly develop a lean vision for your company, involves your employees in the process and guides you safely along the new path. Working together, we instil the lean philosophy in your team, train them and help them to live and breathe the vision every day. We assist you with achieving the first milestones and coach your employees on their path to a high-performance future.


    Your production runs like clockwork, but you are still not getting the right result? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Each business area influences the quality of your value chain and can pose risks. The solution is to establish a lean value chain. In this way, you apply the lean philosophy to the entire value chain and combine all parts to create a uniform whole. 

    This is how it works: with skeratschoppe, you optimise all areas of your company – development, purchasing, logistics, production, quality control and sales. Working together, we forge plans so that the lean philosophy can be consistently deployed, stopping unnecessary waste in all areas and ensuring that your employees are well prepared to implement a lean vision.


    Rethinking the very beginning is half the battle – thus stopping unnecessary spending before it happens. Product and process development is the starting point; it influences the value stream throughout the manufacturing process. At this stage, the course is often set for spiralling costs later in the process. If lean principles are not implemented, considerable costs can arise from processes downstream. Lean development prevents this from happening because it considers the complexity of the diverse components and ensures stable processes in your company. 

    This is how it works: skeratschoppe examines your development processes and establishes continuous improvement through lean development. We also develop audit systems that give you, the company management, direct feedback on this strategically important area. Guaranteeing both a good start and a good ending.


    Increasing the cost-related and competitive advantages through optimized processes in this indirect business area – this is also possible in your company. Because lean administration effectively reduces turnaround times. To achieve this, the lean philosophy is applied to this indirect area of business. Even if the physical flow of materials and inventory play no role in your company administration, the value creation mindset applies here, too. And that means: avoiding all non-value-adding activities.

    This is how it works: skeratschoppe shows you the wasted resources in your administrative processes and redesigns the processes in a comprehensive way with your employees. In this way you reduce turnaround times and benefit from cost-related and competitive advantages. We make your employees more aware of non-value-adding processes and change the way they manage these processes. By coaching your employees, we also provide further guidance to your company along its path to lean administration.


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